On this week's episode, the FAwLcast gang comes together to discuss barbecuing, eating at Five Guy's on a date, telling Yakov Smirnoff jokes to Russian porn queens, and in our feature segment, discuss that most taboo of taboo's, the "rosebud". 

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On this week's episode, the gang talks about smoking a pork butt, having life-altering experiences, make fun of fundamentalists, play mini-golf alone, and reminisce on mooning each other.

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On this week's episode, the gang comes together to discuss using the Internet to creep on girls at work, the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, looking up skirts, pro wrestling, and hot dogs. Again.

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On this inaugural One Cheek Sneak, the FAwLcast gang comes together to cover the recent E3 gaming coverage. Listen in as they discuss the top upcoming announcements, games, and bad ideas coming out of the gaming world!

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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast gang decides that it's totally OK to talk about fecal transplants, argueing with russian anal queens, and attempted murder to appease a fictional entity.


For you weird freaks that are interested, Here's the "Power of Poop" website. And no, we're not linking to the russian anal queen.

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