On this week's episode, the gang talks about swords, Star Wars, and pancakes. 

Direct download: 231_-_I_Make_Swords.mp3
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On this week's episode, Kenn disagrees with a Star Wars vlog, Josh makes a clerk uncomfortable, Casey is sick, and Doug smells a couch.

Direct download: 230_-_Balls_Deep_In_A_Sasquatch.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gang invites Justin back to talk about texts gone wrong, soul food burritos, and Thanksgiving. Also: Some crazy mother talk. You've been warned. 

Direct download: 229_-_Happy_Whoring.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gang learns what dinosaurs sound like, plan a killer tomatoes sequel, and revisit some crazy service calls from Kenn's past.

Direct download: 228_-_Two_Fatties_One_Soup.mp3
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On this week's episode, Kenn loses a shirt, Doug & Casey go down south, and Josh guides someone into the world of VR. 

Direct download: 227_-_Droppin_Like_Hot_Cakes.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gang discusses water pressure, chest pain, and air some personal "Unpopular Opinions".

Direct download: 226_-_Boy_That_Bidet.mp3
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On this week's episode, Doug & Casey go to a haunted attraction, Josh goes to a Winchester house, Justin brings trivia, and Kenn goes to the ER. 

Direct download: 225_-_Too_Metal_For_A_Monday.mp3
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On this week's episode, Josh reviews "The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories" while Kenn & Doug Try to get to New Jersey... and fail. 

Direct download: 224_-_Wild_West_Hoggz_Party_Of_Three.mp3
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On this week's episode, Kenn overhears a conversation about clowns, Doug has a chair accident, and Josh gets mad because he sounds like himself.

Direct download: 223_-__A_Very_Frugal_Masterbator.mp3
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On this week's episode, Doug figures out how crazy conspiracy theories are started, Kenn & Josh talk about Star Wars, and Casey drinks a bunch of wine.

Direct download: 222_-_FeedMyDickToAGator.mp3
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On this week's episode, the guys breakdown different "core" musical styles while Doug buys a bird, Kenn creates a fart-based cult, and Josh goes full-on werewolf in a pharmacy.

Direct download: 221_-_Death_Fart.mp3
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On this week's episode, Doug prepares to tie the knot, Kenn overhears a conversation at a wine festival, and Josh wonders why Dominos has started selling salad.

Direct download: 220_-_Laser_Pig_Fuck_Show_Championship_Of_Sweden.mp3
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On this week's episode, Doug reviews Ghostbusters, Casey interrogates Kenn about his bidet, and Josh gets reported to the attorney general. 

Direct download: 219_-_Bubba_Gump_Of_Farts.mp3
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On a very special episode of FAwLcast, the guys come together to play a game of trivia, which hasn't happened since episode 148! Then, after they play that game, they play more games!

Direct download: 218_-_The_Search_For_Trivia.mp3
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On this week's episode, Josh buys a Google Cardboard, Doug watches Stranger Things, and Kenn has sex with Stephen Hawking.

Direct download: 217_-_Thumb_Dick_Vs_Porn_Dick.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gang discusses how bad some metal bands are, Kenn doesn't understand Pokémon, and Josh puts a ghost in Doug's dick.

Direct download: 216_-_Cum_Guzzling_Porn_Slutmon.mp3
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On this week's episode, Doug eats a world famous cheeseburger, Kenn watch a documentary about beach defecation, and Josh dives into the seedy world on online tickling videos.  

Direct download: 215_-_Douche_Diarrhea.mp3
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On this week's boobalicious episode of FAwLcast, the guys discuss VR boobies, E3 boobies, and Jodi Foster's Panic Room boobies. 

Direct download: 214_-_Post_Pregnancy_Boobies.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gang discusses The Witcher 3, ratchet bitches, and dreams (again).

Direct download: 213_-_Wet_Stinkers_Half_Off.mp3
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On this week's episode, Doug goes into debt over candy, Kenn has a romantic evening with a Hollywood icon... all in Josh's dreams.

Direct download: 212_-_The_Pretzel_Conspiracy.mp3
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On this week's episode, Doug finds an incredible new conspiracy theory, Kenn gets passed around at a concert, and Josh throws a pretzel tantrum.

Direct download: 211_-_Too_Fast_Too_Furious_Too_Violence_Two_Stars_Too_Sweet_Tuesday.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gang is back in the studio as Doug thinks a celebrity is dead, Kenn agrees with him, and Josh figures out the secret that the other two are hiding. 

Direct download: 210_-_The_LaVengers.mp3
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On this week's episode, Kenn gets lied to about jeans, Josh remembers high school t-shirts, and everyone discusses how they hate steam punk.

Direct download: 209_-_Canadian_Drive_By.mp3
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On this week's episode, the guys discuss passing out,looking dumb in front of other people, and one competitor has an exemplary competitive performance.

Direct download: 208_-_Compound_Butter.mp3
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On this week's episode, the guys discuss the recent Walking Dead finale, before delving into a little Idiots Review Amazon, then go into not one, not two, but THREE rounds of What The Florida!

Direct download: 207_-_Florida_Extravaganza.mp3
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On this special One Cheek Sneak, Kenn reviews Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Josh reviews Daredevil: Season 2.

Direct download: One_Cheek_Sneak_-_Batman_V_Superman__Daredevil_Season_2.mp3
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On this week's episodes, Josh introduces the guys to Takanakuy, Kenn decides he's not mature enough for cuckolding, and Doug grows a clitoris. 

Direct download: 206_-_Pussystitch.mp3
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On this week's (brief) episode, Doug updates on the chat room situation, Kenn has a lot of sex in a video game, and Josh leads the games!

Direct download: 205_-_The_Terlit_Movement.mp3
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On this week's episode, Josh pines for one of Hollywood's finest, Kenn witnesses bird-on-bird violence, and Casey shares a story about her sneakers.

Direct download: 204_-_Your_Little_Pay_Piggy.mp3
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On this week's episode, the guys talk about movies, comic book reboots, angelkin, and Josh (eventually) reviews The Witch.

Direct download: 203_-_The_FAwLcastic_Four.mp3
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On this week's episode, Josh deals with the wrath of Poopsy, Kenn learns about the current state of streaming porn sites, and Doug makes work awkward for Josh by guest-starring on a different podcast.

Direct download: 202_-_Blowing_The_Dragon.mp3
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On this week's episode, Kenn fondly remembers Eureka's Castle, Josh buys a squatty potty, and Doug moderates a chat room.

Direct download: 201_-_Tiny_Cock_Jesus.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gangs heads to Skype (for a good reason) to discuss the Hockey All-Star game & Josh's recent battle with constipation.

Direct download: 200_-_Your_Grandmas_Big_Old_Asshole.mp3
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On this week's episode, Doug goes to a music festival, Kenn gets snowed in and Josh comes up with a new idea for a store.

Direct download: 199_-_Hooks__Sh_tbuckets.mp3
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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast gang discusses Kenn's flea market findings, Josh wonders if he's a "basic" bitch, and Casey takes Doug out for a night on the town.

Direct download: 198_-_Irish_Strawberry_Milk.mp3
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On this week's show, the guys head to Skype to discuss Ron Rousey, the results of last week's medical test, and eulogize Angus Scrimm & David Bowie (sort of).

Direct download: 197_-_Mister_121.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gang discusses Casey's dreams, Josh argues with a pizza delivery guy, and they all react to the shocking events of Drunken Trivia IV.

Direct download: 196_-_Welcome_To_The_Cluckin_Hen.mp3
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On this week's episode of FAwLcast, the gang welcomes the 4th horseman, Justin, in to the house of FAwL to play celebrity trivia, memorialize Lemmy Kilmister, and talk about their new favorite YouTube videos.

Direct download: 195_-_Juggadar.mp3
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