Love dolls, massages, Fortean Times, and bomb threats are on the menu in this week's FAwLcast episode. Doug receives an offer he begs to refuse, Kenn receives a discount massage, Josh gets scared shitless, and Dustin laughs at all of it.

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What animal has four penises? What is the only thing Josh wants out of life? How many men can perform the ultimate act of self satisfaction? Download and find out because it's TRIVIA TIME!!!! Doug hosts the second edition of the game show sensation that's sweeping the nation, featuring the reigning champion Kenn defending his crown against Dustin and Josh. Following the game, stay tuned because FAwLcast discusses some shocking news about one of our favorite male "actors". 

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In this week's episode, toilets (surprise), nudist resorts, and the mass hysteria of the mythological "pink sock" are discussed and dissected. 

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Breaking news hits the FAwLcast studio, as a heinous villain from last week's show is caught in the gang's hometown. Josh performs a lude act on Doug, Kenn reminisces on his high school class, and in a moment a desperation, the gang chooses celebrities to perform the ultimate taboo.

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FAwLcast needed to bring in some extra muscle to deliver this week's show, as the group invites their good friend Arvin C. Ripping on as a guest. Download and listen in astonishment as the gang hits the headlines with a news article sure to shock and appall even the most jaded of FAwLcast fans. Also on this week's show: Dustin get's accused of flashing somebody, Kenn recounts stories of a favorite uncle, and Arvin entertains with a story of boyhood innocence at cub scout camp. Don't tune out too quick, because there's also a bonus! To celebrate their 10th show, the gang has a new "Would You Rather?" segment!

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