In this week's monumental episode, FAwLcast hits on such broad topics and Andy Griffith, incest, breast milk, some weird high school classmates, (yet again) Kenn's redneck family, and the invention of a new game: Penis Landlord. Also, this episode features a FAwLcast favorite guest: Justin!

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On this week's episode, the gang comes together to discuss nazi sexual practices, the repeal of US beastiality laws, bronies, the inconsiderateness of car accident victims, and in what alcoholics call a moment of clarity, Kenn remembers an experience from his teenage years.

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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast gang comes together to discuss genital meals, cannibalism, Elvis impersonators, Kenn's family picnics and gradeschool fights. Oh yeah, and a WHOLE lot of fistiing talk.

Stay tuned after the outro music to hear some outtakes from the episode!


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On this week's episode, the gang discusses by-gone era wrestlers, stand-up comedy, sleeping with knifes, agreeing with islamic fundamentalism, and JLH's vagina. 

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