On this week's episode, the gang comes together in the wake of a torrent of snow in the northeast. With the previous couple of recording sessions delayed, they return with all guns blazing by discussing the first amendment, Brazilian soccer violence, recent movie reviews.. and in a segment that prooves that FAwLcast is the most morally depraved show on the Internet, the lady from "episode 84: Das Carpenteros", returns.

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On this week's episode... you get to hear some older episodes! The FAwLcast crew was hit with some inclimate weather, so instead of missing a week, we're releasing the first in our "Best of FAwLcast" series. Take a walk down memory lane with the guys as we return to the first 9 episodes and pull out the juiciest bits. This is a perfect jumping on point for new listeners as well, so tell your friends!

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On this week's episode, the gang discusses George Zimmerman, Sleep talking, weird gas station experiences, and share a few Thansgiving stories. 

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On this week's episode, the gang comes together to play a round of It Happened in Florida, return to Kenn's past with an almost-lost service call from hell, and find out exactly what happens when they gang visits video chat websites.

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