<p>Remember the pictures of flooding in Pennsylvania that you saw on the news a few weeks ago? The FAwLcast team was on site (mainly because they live there) to bring you the gripping drama of life during a national disaster. Josh becomes downtrodden over a "9" delivering his pizza, Kenn has a beautiful moment followed by a crushing realization, Doug tries to convince Josh to be creepy, and Dustin goes to bed. All this plus a movie review on this weeks Farting Around.. With Love!</p> 

<p>--Show notes--</p>

<p>Stick with the show this week folks, as the sound was a little wacky for the first few minutes.<br>

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IxnLmCAwZI">Slideshow of the flooding in our area</a><br>

Turn the sound off, because the video is set to that stupid Evenescense song.<br></p>

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Hot off of the heels of hurricane Irene, Farting Around.. With Love! swings into action deciding what oddball fetishes FAwLcast alumni are into (anyone who has been on the show is fair game!). Also on this weeks show, the four P's: Porn, Ponies, power outages, and post offices!

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What would it take for you to kill a man? Tune in this week on Fawlcast to hear a shocking sequel to a story told on episode 4 - the FAwLluminati. Kenn fights an old foe to the death in a basement, Dustin firmly plants himself in stalker territory, while Josh & Doug make fun of them for it.

---Show notes---

Another slightly shorter one here folks, but rest assured, we've got a hilarious, full length show coming up in a couple of days. 

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