Episode 06: Farting Around... With Trivia!

It's game show time as Josh hosts Farting Around... With Love!'s first ever trivia competition. We learn Kenn missed an important childhood lesson, Doug narrowly escapes an awkward situation with his mother, and Dustin continues the unending quest.

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This week, FAwLcast answers the question posed by the Cramps "What's inside a girl?"... well, kind of. The sleuthing doesn't stop there as they get to the bottom of the rash of penis thefts in Congo. Josh confronts his future. Doug, a lonely man and a boat. Kenn is the cock of the walk on Free Comic Book Day! And if that wasn't enough, we've got the Sultan of Swat, Sweet Daddy Loobs. It's FAwLcast bitches, get down.

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Better late than never, the FAwLcast crew chimes in on bin Laden, Swine Flu and other conspiracies of our time, becoming agents of the New World Order in the process. Doug plots population control while Kenn plans to kill a man with a screwdriver. If all that weren't enough, FAwLcast plans to acquire Surge.

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FAwLcast wants to be a millionaire, but to what depths will they go to accomplish this? And in carry over from the lost episode, Josh's sexual depravity drives him to new lows. All this and (pretty much nothing) more on this week's FAwLcast!

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