On this week's episode, Justin finishes his tour of duty with the FAwLcast Corps by reminiscing with the gang. Listen to some of the ridiculous alcohol-fueled hijinks your hosts have gotten into, including Kenn belligerently climbing a ladder, Doug sleeping in a garbage can, Justin singing a hit country song of a bygone era, and Josh swearing vengeance against the man known only as… Peewee. Ring in the new year FAwLcast style!

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On this week's FAwLcast, The gang is still a foursome (of the non-carnal variety) as Justin is still in town. Josh tells us about a non-life changing experience, Justin and Doug tell a story of a shady business deal, and Kenn remembers a fond childhood nursery rhyme. All this plus more on this week's FAWLCAST!!!

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This week, a long-lost member of the gang arrives to begin a 3-show occupancy. Listen in as the 4th horseman of the A-FaWL-calypse chimes in to reginite a discussion that Kenn and Josh want dead, hollywood comes under fire for digitally messing with one of God's greatest gifts, whick is all brought upon by the introduction of the world's most interesting drug, Jenkem.

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