On this week's episode, the guys plan a booby glory hole business, develop a new horror film, and fill their arms with plasma-less blood. 

**NOTE** This show was recorded pre-plague.

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On this week's episode, Doug buys a new couch & donates plasma, Kenn develops a new character, and Josh's sanity is frayed even further with the appearance of mice. 

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On this week's episode, the guys talk Lovecraft movies, go to a punk show, and discuss the early days of Internet radio.

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On this episode of FAwLcast, the guys say goodbye to friends, find things in their genitals, and pray that they can someday sell out. 

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On this week's episode, the guys discuss the world of christian punk, getting into politics, and how woke they thought they were in high school. 

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On this week's episode of FAwLcast, Kenn apologizes to a listener, Josh puts someone in their place, and Doug finds out what a horny scene is. 

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