On this week's episode, Kenn pimps the awesomeness of Valiant comics, Josh talks about getting into schoolyard scraps, and Doug goes rabid over what qualifies as pop punk nowadays.

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On this week's episode, the gang laments (kinda) the loss of the Ultimate Warrior, remember their backyard wrestling exploits, and discuss what it meant to be punk in high school.

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On this week's episode, the gang welcomes a friend of the show Amanda on as they berate her for not listening to the show while filling her in on some of the big moments from past episodes. Also this week: Wrestlemania, being a boy scout, and It Happened in Florida!

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On this weeks episode, the gang talks about being on a movie set, the previous residents of Kenn's house, and the love letters of James Joyce. Also: hefty amounts of bitching regarding The Walking Dead.

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