On this week's episode, Doug gets limo drunk, Josh goes to the bottom of the list, and Kenn gets married. 

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On this week's episode... we listen to old episodes! Due to Kenn's wedding ,the FAwLcast crew was unable to record, so we've gone back and found the best material from the next 10 episodes from our early years. Witness the first appearance of the King of Asia, find out what happens when Josh doesn't check his packages before sending them, and gasp in horror as Kenn nearly fights for his life over weird porn!

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On this week's episode, the gang welcomes longtime friend Justin on to talk about the recent Pacquiao/Mayweather fight, horror movies, and steal a horse (while smelling like poop!). Also, "Leadbelly" Justin takes on The "Charlatan of Shart" Kenn & The "Dollar Menu Kid" Doug (his old gimmick name got too long) in a 3 way dance for the "King of Asia" Pennsylvania title in "It Happened In Florida"!


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On this week's episode, the gang talks about Russia outlawing twerking, pants splitting, ham stealing, pets & being fat.

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