In this week's episode, we pop in with the gang during election night 2012. We find out where FaWLcast's political allegiences lie (hint: it's Garfield), reminisce with them as they take a drunken stumble down memory lane, and get to the bottom of the age old question: is there a god?

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On this week's episode, Kenn goes to Baltimore where nastiness ensues, Hurricane Sandy comes (quietly) through, and Josh get's a shave and a haircut, complete with porn and beer.

Direct download: 60_-_Bacon__Gummi_Worms.mp3
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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast crew delves into some pretty nasty things, such as suicide & ghosts. Have fun!

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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast gang gets geeky and discusses tabletop miniature games, rages over comic book continuity, and remembers some favorite bits from the early days of Farting Around... With Love!

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In this week's episode, Doug, Josh and Kenn divulge their favorite conspiracy theories. What do reptilians, mole men and Fox news have in common? They're all taking over the world! Tune in and find out what the Illuminati don't want you to hear!

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On this week's episode.. IT'S TRIVIA! To keep the attention of our very special guest (the returning Amanda), Doug wrangled up a not-nearly-as-hard trivia show. Also: The group revisits a very special time, Josh's 21st birthday. 

Direct download: 56_-_Return_Of_The_Trivia.mp3
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This week on FAwLcast we bring you a trip-dose of depravity, featuring the best cuts from three shows that weren't so great. Listen in as the group discusses goat hunters, fake boobs, being fat, Dizzy Gillespie, tape worms, and another edition of Kenn's White Trash Family! 

Check us out on Twitter @fawlcast everyone!

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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast gang welcomes a favorite guest: Arvin! The undisputed King of Asia returns to join in on topics such as horse cunnillingus, vegan pizza, sexy action figures, and rape dreams. And just when you couldn't stop laughing, we hit you with his specialty: poop stories! 

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On this week's episode, we join in as the gang recounts a tale of traveling to America's heartland, New Jersey. Stories of traveler's diarrhea, horror punk, getting old, and remember a Canadian visitor.

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On this week's episode, the gang comes together to discuss such varied topics as being overwieght, Batman, hurried sexual acts.. and they hit the headlines with a ground-zero report of the Penn State football scandal.

Direct download: 52_-_Crisis_Of_Infinitite_Farts.mp3
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On this week's episode, fawlcast breaks new ground (not really) by going back in time! Favorite childhood cartoons and cereals are dissected, grilling, wrestling, getting picked on by girls, and the bane of comic book fans.

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In this week's monumental episode, FAwLcast hits on such broad topics and Andy Griffith, incest, breast milk, some weird high school classmates, (yet again) Kenn's redneck family, and the invention of a new game: Penis Landlord. Also, this episode features a FAwLcast favorite guest: Justin!

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On this week's episode, the gang comes together to discuss nazi sexual practices, the repeal of US beastiality laws, bronies, the inconsiderateness of car accident victims, and in what alcoholics call a moment of clarity, Kenn remembers an experience from his teenage years.

Direct download: 49_-_Jelly_Boom-Boom.mp3
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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast gang comes together to discuss genital meals, cannibalism, Elvis impersonators, Kenn's family picnics and gradeschool fights. Oh yeah, and a WHOLE lot of fistiing talk.

Stay tuned after the outro music to hear some outtakes from the episode!


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On this week's episode, the gang discusses by-gone era wrestlers, stand-up comedy, sleeping with knifes, agreeing with islamic fundamentalism, and JLH's vagina. 

Direct download: 47_-_Vagazzle.mp3
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On this week's episode, the gang comes together to discuss recent outbreaks of cannibal activity, the devil/ Batman, and in an adorable segment, take a look at two books that Kenn & Josh wrote during there childhood. </p>

Click here to down the books so you can follow along!

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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast crew finishes the unofficial "music" trilogy by coming together to discuss classic bands releasing crappy albums, Lou Reed, and foot rape. 

---Show Notes---

Due to some technical difficulties, this show was recorded with only one mic. To keep everybody level, there's a bit of background noise. It's fawlcast. Deal with it. 

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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast gang comes together to discuss the night life of Helen Keller, eulogize a titan of hip hop, and get embarrassed remembering childhood sleepovers.

Direct download: 44_-_Hot_For_Sorsha.mp3
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In this week's episode, the gang talks about failed online dating adventures, failed "jackpots", and failed hockey games. Then, after they run out of things to talk about, they get into a lengthy discussion about how hard it is to find new music when you're approaching 30.

Direct download: 43_-_Play_It_Again_Sam.mp3
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In this week's episode, Josh battles the west nile stomach flu, Doug battles a 10 year old, and Kenn battles feelings of depression and embaressment as he plays his high-school band's demo tape.

Direct download: 42_-_Farts_Melt_The_Heart.mp3
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In this very special episode of Farting Around... With Love!, Kenn receives a phone number in a restaraunt for someone who thinks he is unBEARably attractive, while Josh joins the "no porn" club that Kenn unknowingly started last week. Also on this week's episode: Doug has a birthday!

Direct download: 41_-_The_Bear_Necessities.mp3
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In this week's episode, FAwLcast hits the Internet as Kenn recalls an article he read about a little known medical procedure, prompting the creation of a new character, the fecal racoon (you have to listen to find out which member of the show this is). Also on this show: Josh has surgery.

*NOTE* Stayed tuned in after the show for some bloopers!

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On this week's episode, the FAwLcast crew pitches in to help Kenn recreate a night of drunken tweeting... while Josh makes himself unforgettable at a local gentlemen's club. Also: Dustin laughs and Doug repeats a shocking phrase, all on this week's FAwLcast!!!!

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In this week's episode, the gang saddles up with some new recording gear to discuss their most embarrassing love conquests, Doug's recent firearm purchase, and a comedy of errors trying to help a friend. Also: The final service call from hell!

Direct download: 38_-_Cold__Dead.mp3
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In this week's Episode, Kenn looks for help in recreating a life-affirming experience, Josh brings the "Wheel Of Passion" out of retirement, and the whole gang fondly remembers a middle school science teacher, lovingly dubbed, "The Hillbilly From Hell". 

Direct download: 37_-_Hillbilly_From_Hell.mp3
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In this week's episode, Kenn and Josh talk about being Philadelphia sports fans, while Doug chimes in to share a story about everyone's favorite childhood experience, the local fair. 

Direct download: 36_-_The_Unicorn_Skateboard.mp3
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On this week's show, the gang comes together to discuss such titilating topics as sub-par comedic performances, run-ins with the popo, foot fetishes (again), and in a short-lived new feature, the gang takes a look some real-life super villainy. 

Direct download: 35_-_F_ck_The_Police.mp3
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In the second part of this two-part episode, we pick up where we left off, with Kenn and Josh in Ohio. Hear how Kenn yet again denies Josh a basic human dignity, Josh calls Batman out for being a pussy, and in a totally unexpected turn for this show, find out what happens when you let the Fawlcast crew plan a wedding.

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In today's episode, The gang discusses such varied topics as favorite childhood books, furry porn, countries they should move to, and in the first of a two-part episode, Kenn and Josh recount a tale of a road trip gone wrong. 

Direct download: 33_-_Travelogue_Part_One.mp3
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On this week's episode, Justin finishes his tour of duty with the FAwLcast Corps by reminiscing with the gang. Listen to some of the ridiculous alcohol-fueled hijinks your hosts have gotten into, including Kenn belligerently climbing a ladder, Doug sleeping in a garbage can, Justin singing a hit country song of a bygone era, and Josh swearing vengeance against the man known only as… Peewee. Ring in the new year FAwLcast style!

Direct download: 32_-_A_Distinctive_Fruit.mp3
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On this week's FAwLcast, The gang is still a foursome (of the non-carnal variety) as Justin is still in town. Josh tells us about a non-life changing experience, Justin and Doug tell a story of a shady business deal, and Kenn remembers a fond childhood nursery rhyme. All this plus more on this week's FAWLCAST!!!

Direct download: 31_-_F____You_Mom_Diarrhea.mp3
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This week, a long-lost member of the gang arrives to begin a 3-show occupancy. Listen in as the 4th horseman of the A-FaWL-calypse chimes in to reginite a discussion that Kenn and Josh want dead, hollywood comes under fire for digitally messing with one of God's greatest gifts, whick is all brought upon by the introduction of the world's most interesting drug, Jenkem.

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