On this week's episode, the gang digs in and discusses superhero drug use, GG Allin, record collecting, and YET ANOTHER pooping/sex story courtesy of Doug. Tighten your belts, it's time for FAwLcast!

Direct download: 29_-_The_Sinister_69.mp3
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What does it all mean? What is the nature of truth? What is our purpose in life? All these questions get answered in this week's FAwLcast. Seriously. Just in time for Christmas, the gang decides to have a conversation on the nature of religion, truth, and reality, while managing to shoehorn in jokes about deformed insects and buying drugs off of the Internet. 

Direct download: 28_-_Jerrys_Ants.mp3
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In this weeks show, the gang looks back fondly on the special love a young boy shares with his grandmother. Don't worry, we made sure to put a FAwLcast spin on it. Also on this weeks episode: Josh asks Yahoo questions for lady advice, Doug shares some wisdom passed down through his family, and Kenn remember's his young punk rock days.

Direct download: 27_-_Political_Cleavage.mp3
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In this week's episode, the group has an unofficial "Would You Rather" when they try to decide if they'd rather kill a man or an animal, and then delve into the headlines to discuss a story of back-alley surgery. Also: Social networking leads into the hierarchy of high school social circles (trust us, it's funny!)

Direct download: 26_-_Misanthropic_Manchild.mp3
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The gang recently went to a concert, and in this weeks episode you get to hear all about it. Listen in as they give a full on review of the bands they saw, and then discuss how far Doug would go with a certain kind of "glittering" shower.

Direct download: 25_-_An_Unfortunately-Shaped_Woman.mp3
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On this week's show, FAwLcast answers the age-old question of "How can I get  drunk without drinking?" The solution may be more surprising than you think. Also on this week's show: Kenn divulges the details of a bizarre conversation, Josh reminds us how close to absolute destruction our world may be, and Doug gives an update on a medical issue he has been having. 

Direct download: 24_-_Porkhigh__Assdrunk.mp3
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On this week's show, the crew discusses goosing, heavy-metal prima donna's, answering the door naked, and teenaged love, all with that delightful FAwLcast spin. Plus: A movie review!!!

Direct download: 23_-_Cowa_Doody.mp3
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The FAwLcast crew returns with an episode where Bigfoot, russian cannibals, sweatpants and arcades are discussed. "Shove 'em where they don't belong, Petey!"

Direct download: 22_22_-_Dog_In_The_Bathtub.mp3
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On this week's show, Josh, Kenn and Dustin join forces to combat a band of evil orcs in our first ever playing of Dungeons & Disabilities! Dick Balsteen (sufferer of Narcolepsy, played by Dustin), The Count of Nicaragua (Armless noble from the esteemed country of Nicaragua, played by Josh), and Dorkus (wheelchair-bound warrior with ALS who must speek through a text-to-speech engine, played by Kenn) must join forces to save the daughter of a local brick maker (or farmer, carpenter, etc...) from a band of "special" orcs (or goblins).

Direct download: 21_-_Dungeons__Disabilities.mp3
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Our good friend Amanda joined us this week for FAwLcast. last time we tried to have Amanda on the show, recording problems and various other distractions kept the show from being released. Seeing atonement for that incident, the gang got together and banged out a killer show. Listen as Josh indulges in a pizza buffet, Kenn shows what a douche he can be, Doug proves his judgement is suspect, and Amanda leads a debate on the Renaissance Faire.</p>

Direct download: 20_-_Diffrent_Strokes.mp3
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This week's show brings us a new timeless saying: When Dustin's asleep, the three left will creep, and boy is it true as your hosts play audio-voyeur to a rather saucy encounter nearby. that's not all as the troupe also discusses afro-bombs, foot fetishes, video games, and sodomy.

Direct download: 19_-_Wakin_Up_the_Neighbours.mp3
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<p>Remember the pictures of flooding in Pennsylvania that you saw on the news a few weeks ago? The FAwLcast team was on site (mainly because they live there) to bring you the gripping drama of life during a national disaster. Josh becomes downtrodden over a "9" delivering his pizza, Kenn has a beautiful moment followed by a crushing realization, Doug tries to convince Josh to be creepy, and Dustin goes to bed. All this plus a movie review on this weeks Farting Around.. With Love!</p> 

<p>--Show notes--</p>

<p>Stick with the show this week folks, as the sound was a little wacky for the first few minutes.<br>

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IxnLmCAwZI">Slideshow of the flooding in our area</a><br>

Turn the sound off, because the video is set to that stupid Evenescense song.<br></p>

Direct download: 18_-_FLOOD.mp3
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Hot off of the heels of hurricane Irene, Farting Around.. With Love! swings into action deciding what oddball fetishes FAwLcast alumni are into (anyone who has been on the show is fair game!). Also on this weeks show, the four P's: Porn, Ponies, power outages, and post offices!

Direct download: 17_-_Tracy_At_The_Sex_Derby.mp3
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What would it take for you to kill a man? Tune in this week on Fawlcast to hear a shocking sequel to a story told on episode 4 - the FAwLluminati. Kenn fights an old foe to the death in a basement, Dustin firmly plants himself in stalker territory, while Josh & Doug make fun of them for it.

---Show notes---

Another slightly shorter one here folks, but rest assured, we've got a hilarious, full length show coming up in a couple of days. 

Direct download: 16_-_Dueling_Screwdrivers.mp3
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Better late than never, FAwLcast returns with a brand spankin' (literally) new episode. Kenn comes with a game based on some incredible sexual world records while Josh retells a story so shocking, so unbelievable, so hilarious, you'll probably throw up.

Direct download: 15_-_Get_It_Up.mp3
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Love dolls, massages, Fortean Times, and bomb threats are on the menu in this week's FAwLcast episode. Doug receives an offer he begs to refuse, Kenn receives a discount massage, Josh gets scared shitless, and Dustin laughs at all of it.

Direct download: 14_-_TITler.mp3
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What animal has four penises? What is the only thing Josh wants out of life? How many men can perform the ultimate act of self satisfaction? Download and find out because it's TRIVIA TIME!!!! Doug hosts the second edition of the game show sensation that's sweeping the nation, featuring the reigning champion Kenn defending his crown against Dustin and Josh. Following the game, stay tuned because FAwLcast discusses some shocking news about one of our favorite male "actors". 

Direct download: 13_-_Trivia_Strikes_Back.mp3
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In this week's episode, toilets (surprise), nudist resorts, and the mass hysteria of the mythological "pink sock" are discussed and dissected. 

Direct download: 12_-_Three_Way_Dance.mp3
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Breaking news hits the FAwLcast studio, as a heinous villain from last week's show is caught in the gang's hometown. Josh performs a lude act on Doug, Kenn reminisces on his high school class, and in a moment a desperation, the gang chooses celebrities to perform the ultimate taboo.

Direct download: 12_-_Maya_Angelou_Is_A_Dirty_B_tch.mp3
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FAwLcast needed to bring in some extra muscle to deliver this week's show, as the group invites their good friend Arvin C. Ripping on as a guest. Download and listen in astonishment as the gang hits the headlines with a news article sure to shock and appall even the most jaded of FAwLcast fans. Also on this week's show: Dustin get's accused of flashing somebody, Kenn recounts stories of a favorite uncle, and Arvin entertains with a story of boyhood innocence at cub scout camp. Don't tune out too quick, because there's also a bonus! To celebrate their 10th show, the gang has a new "Would You Rather?" segment!

Direct download: 10_-_Jackyl-Headed_God_Of_What.mp3
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Rescued from the fanged jaws of that wild beast known as recording problems, FAwLcast returns this week with another episode full of sex, drugs, and citrus-flavored soft drinks. In a new segment entitled "Splurge Or Surge", our hosts attempt to recreate the recipe that launched a thousand weight problems, while one of the gang recalls a failed experiment with a mind-altering substance. All this and more on Farting Around... with Love!


--Show Notes--

In lieu of sweating balls during the recording of this week's show, the FAwLcast crew had a fan running that, unbeknownst to them, almost ruined the sound. Doug swooped in like a superhero and worked with the file to make it passable. The sound quality came out listenable, but the levels are off in some spots. Because of this, the episode is only half-length, but rest assured, we will return next week with a bangarang show featuring an awesome guest star and another installment of "Would You Rather?"

Direct download: 09_-_Dont_Judge_Me_Dad.mp3
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Episode 08 marks the return of a popular segment not heard since Double Feature (with Love). That's right, the gang pulls no punches as they get down and dirty with diarrhea root beer floats vs ... I don't even feel comfortable saying it again. But first, Kenn shows us what a black heart he has as he denies an elderly gentleman of his dying wish.

Direct download: 08_-_The_Bitter_Taste_Of_Victory.mp3
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My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-3d9a74ab41b0b757119e9625659567c6}

Category:Comedy -- posted at: 5:15pm EDT

FAwLcast goes straight for the headlines this week, covering the E3 conference and the weinergate scandal, as well as fondly remembering parties, hookers, and transvestites.. (better description coming)

Direct download: 07_-_Do_You_Want_To_Cuddle.mp3
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Episode 06: Farting Around... With Trivia!

It's game show time as Josh hosts Farting Around... With Love!'s first ever trivia competition. We learn Kenn missed an important childhood lesson, Doug narrowly escapes an awkward situation with his mother, and Dustin continues the unending quest.

Direct download: 06_-_Farting_Around_With_Trivia.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:22pm EDT

This week, FAwLcast answers the question posed by the Cramps "What's inside a girl?"... well, kind of. The sleuthing doesn't stop there as they get to the bottom of the rash of penis thefts in Congo. Josh confronts his future. Doug, a lonely man and a boat. Kenn is the cock of the walk on Free Comic Book Day! And if that wasn't enough, we've got the Sultan of Swat, Sweet Daddy Loobs. It's FAwLcast bitches, get down.

Direct download: 05_-_The_Sweetest_Sound.mp3
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Better late than never, the FAwLcast crew chimes in on bin Laden, Swine Flu and other conspiracies of our time, becoming agents of the New World Order in the process. Doug plots population control while Kenn plans to kill a man with a screwdriver. If all that weren't enough, FAwLcast plans to acquire Surge.

Direct download: 04_-_The_FAwLluminati.mp3
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FAwLcast wants to be a millionaire, but to what depths will they go to accomplish this? And in carry over from the lost episode, Josh's sexual depravity drives him to new lows. All this and (pretty much nothing) more on this week's FAwLcast!

Direct download: 03_-_Double_Feature_With_Love.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:20pm EDT

Just when you thought the internet was tolerable again, an additional 30 minutes have clawed themselves out of obscurity for EPISODE 2.5: NIGHT OF THE LIVING FAwLcast. The gang tackles zombies, elementary school gym class and androgyny, contagious homosexuality, and Dustin goes in search of Josh's buried treasure.

Direct download: 02point5_-__Night_of_the_Living_FAwLcast.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 6:42pm EDT

Listen in astonishment as Kenn takes what was a stuttering, stumbling, clusterfuck and edits it into a listenable episode about ghosts and aliens and the other things you think you see moving in the corner of your eye. Josh tells you he's not going to tell you about something... AND TELLS YOU ANYWAY! The fate of the human race is on the line, and it's up to Doug's hand/foot/eye coordination to save us! Can it be done!? All on this week's episode of Farting Around with Love! FAwLcast ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!

---show notes---
Check out the Farting Office Chair on Twitter
! Or, make your own!
Unnerving Black-Eyed Waitress Account

FBI Vault of documents, for all you tinfoil hat wearing fans out there.
Buy Behold a Pale Horse or Close Encounters of the Third Kind on Amazon.com

Direct download: 02_-__FAwLcast_Aint_Fraid_of_No_Ghosts.mp3
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Episode 01: Sliminy Jicks

Doug faces off with a skunk on a quest for Wendy's. Kenn encounters the seedy hip hop underbelly of Philadelphia. Dustin snorts freebase Sliminy Jicks. And Josh recalls the days when porn wasn't so readily available on the internet.

Direct download: 01_-_Sliminy_Jicks.mp3
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