Rescued from the fanged jaws of that wild beast known as recording problems, FAwLcast returns this week with another episode full of sex, drugs, and citrus-flavored soft drinks. In a new segment entitled "Splurge Or Surge", our hosts attempt to recreate the recipe that launched a thousand weight problems, while one of the gang recalls a failed experiment with a mind-altering substance. All this and more on Farting Around... with Love!


--Show Notes--

In lieu of sweating balls during the recording of this week's show, the FAwLcast crew had a fan running that, unbeknownst to them, almost ruined the sound. Doug swooped in like a superhero and worked with the file to make it passable. The sound quality came out listenable, but the levels are off in some spots. Because of this, the episode is only half-length, but rest assured, we will return next week with a bangarang show featuring an awesome guest star and another installment of "Would You Rather?"

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